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My name is Johnny Brewer. I’ve been in the Army and prison. I’ve played drums in rock and roll bands all over the southeast United States. I’ve become increasingly concerned about the current climate crisis in the last ten years since buying my home. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and dogs.

It’s your life. The only one you have. No one gets out alive. So you might as well live it happily.

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I feel many people view me as a guy’s guy. I talk shit with the best of them when the situation is right. I’ve been the fittest guy in the room at times. I’ve done the military thing and the prison thing. I’ve lived high on the hog and have fallen flat on my ass. I’ve been around. But, the last 2–3 months have been hard for me, battling anxiety and depression. The last 2–3 weeks before this one was the hardest. I was in a dark downward spiral to somewhere that wasn’t going to end well for me. So…

I may have finished my sentence 14 years ago, but in many ways I’m still doing time.

When I was 20, I decided to join the Army. I went to the recruiter and told them to put me in the Army. Two months later, under the shadow of darkness, I arrived at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, to begin my training as an Armor crewmember on an M1A1 Abrams tank. After completing basic training and AIT, I was sent back to Georgia to Ft. Stewart and assigned to the 3rd Squadron 7th U.S. Cavalry. I would spend the final two and a half years of my enlistment there. While there, I deployed to Kuwait. While there, my actions directly…

Lessons Learned From My Parents

Both of my parents were terrible examples of how to live. Both were marred with inner demons in which they self-medicated with alcohol and drugs. By the time they reached their 40’s, they had looked as if they were well into their 50’s. Neither made it to 50. My father died at the age of 42 of a massive heart attack; my mother died at 48 from cancer. They put a lot of work into dying at such a young age. They put more work into that than they did raising their five children. It blows my mind how we…

With Our Changing Climate, We must Acknowledge The Obstacles In Store For Our Future

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Over the past 15 to 20 years, there has been a noticeable uptick in wildfires globally. Just here in the United States, it seems fire season has become a year-round thing. The Australian wildfires of 2019–2020 burned over 46 million acres and were declared one of the world’s worst wildlife disasters in modern history. In 2018 the Attica fire of Greece claimed the life of 102 people, making it the second most deadly wildfire of the 21st century.

Climate Change and Wildfires

Climate change has had a massive impact on the number of wildfires we see worldwide. These fires are more prevalent in areas…

I grabbed my buddy, who had handed me the lighter, and screamed, “I’m on fire!”

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Throughout my teens, there was a constant lack of parental supervision. My mother was a single mother who worked nightshift. While she slept during the days, my life resembled Lord of the Flies. I was a badass kid, to say the least. All my friends hung out at my house due to the fact there weren’t any parents around. We’d get into all kinds of things. We smoked cigarettes, drank, and smoked pot. My house was the place we’d all meet after school if we even went to school. We always had something going on. …

Today I witnessed a dog fall out on the floor in a temper tantrum and huff due to the fact he had to wait for a pie to cool.

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My wife has recently discovered the joy of baking; she’s been baking all sorts of things. I haven’t the slightest idea of their names. She gets a lot of her inspiration from watching The Great British Baking Show. All of her projects turn out well. Good enough, I have to practice restraint as not to put on a few pounds. Buddy, our dog, on the other hand, can’t and will not show restraint. …

Restarting your strength training after 40

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Throughout my twenties I worked out consistently. I ran, lifted weights mostly. What drew me to it was all the physiques in the weightlifting magazines you’d see on newsstands. As I ventured further into, I began to realize those physiques that Schwarzenegger, Zane, and Coleman flaunted were unattainable by anyone without the help of steroids and that route was just unappealing to me. So, I slowly drifted towards straight up strength training. Not really powerlifting, just all out strength. Relative strength fascinated me. Relative strength is your amount of strength compared to your body size. Once I dieted down to…

Sometimes you make the decision your first time will be your only time

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When I was a kid, I hated playing titty twister. It hurt so bad. But it was always inevitable; one of my buddies would get it going in our group. The next thing you know, there’s a group of little boys rolling around in pain on the floor. If it got really good, there’d be a fight. That’s why I always said I could never get my nipples pierced. Those games of titty twister were just so painful, almost emotionally scarring painful.

Fast-forward to the age of thirty. One day the notion struck me to get my nipples pierced. I…

It’s amazing how life goes. It’s amazing how you become an adult before you even know it.

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When I was 19, two friends and I found a place to live. It wasn’t much, but it was our first venture into our newfound independence. The place was a small three-bedroom mobile home in a neighborhood that surrounded a manufactured lake. Each of us was working menial jobs making ends meet. I cut grass and played music to pay the rent. The other two guys were doing some kind of manual labor as well, but we were making it on our own. We struggled during the day so that we could party our asses off at night.

I remember…

Johnny L Brewer

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